Does a wireless lease buyout apply to all tenants?


A wireless lease buyout is typically when a Cell Tower Company purchases the rights to collect rent either through an easement agreement or master lease assignment.

What’s included in a wireless lease buyout

wireless lease buyout

That is up to you. A cell tower wireless lease buyout would apply to any lease or leases that are currently paying rent on your property and to which you determine to sell the rights, regardless of whether it is one or multiple tenants.

If you have multiple tenants, we will value each of the leases separately. Assuming your cell tower or rooftop leases meet our criteria, we will make you an offer that includes all or a portion of the rents you currently receive.

Wireless Lease Buyouts Explained

If you have a property with a wireless antenna, macro tower or small cell site and collect rent from a wireless carrier, you can sell your rights to collect rent for a large upfront payment. These contracts are negotiated for a term period, typically 99 years. In order to receive the highest possible capital through a lease buyout, the best way to structure the purchase is through an easement conversion.

The conversion of a lease to an easement most often includes all tenants on the property if they’re in a co-location agreement. However, if each tenant has their own tower or if the site can be arranged to divide the space, you may still be able to split the sale.

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