Infrastructure Investing

Invest in the foundation of the future, by acquiring real estate assets with infrastructure leases. Then leverage those assets to build wealth through our investment strategies.

Wireless Cell Tower Lease - Wireless Equity Group

Infrastructure Lease + Fee Simple Real Estate Acquisitions

We purchase income-producing infrastructure assets (Cell Towers, Rooftop Antennas, Billboards, EV Charging Stations, Solar Farms, Energy Storage, Data Centers, etc.) through easements, master leases, and fee simple ownership.

Re-Investing Lease Income

We help landlords,  leverage their utility leases and increase wealth, by exchanging property owners interest in a single site lease into additional real estate or investing in higher-performing assets. Some of the top uses our clients have used funds for are:

  • Paying off debt
  • Buying more real estate
  • Re-Investing in their current business
  • Renovating current property to increase value
  • Setting up a college fund
  • Retirement planning – 401k/Life Insurance
  • Stock Market/Crypto
Wireless Cell Tower Lease - Wireless Equity Group
building wealth Telecommunications Cell Phone Tower With Antenna

Co-Investing Real Estate Partnerships

We often come across property owners that are ready to sell their entire property, but don’t want to sell their utility lease seperatly. When the property is located outside of our real estate aquisition criteria for fee simple purchases, we partner with local real estate investors to close concurrently on the purchase. At close, we bring cash for the utility lease and record an easement or master lease; while our real estate investment partners retain full ownership of the underlying property.

Building Wealth by Partnernering with Industry Experts

Partner with an experienced infrastructure real estate company to lower risk and increase wealth. When you convert your wireless communications lease to an easement, our investor network will make a large Cash Offer to buy the lease rights. We will then work to add additional antennas to the site and can provide additional revenue share in future rents.

Tower in Burnaby Mountain during a cloudy summer day

Why Wireless Equity Group

We help you analyze the best approach for maximizing the income and return of your wireless site. Whether it’s selling just the tower lease or your real estate portfolio, our team of telecom and real estate experts will help guide you through your wealth-building options.

Results You Can Expect

Team of Experts

Our experienced advisors will be with you every step of the way.


Based on the market analysis and the feedback we’ll help you find best investment directions to grow your profits.

Fast Closing

We can usually get a cash offer on the table with 72 hours and close in as little as 10 days.

Greener Paths

Most clients find a large upfront payment for their lease offers more options.

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