Leasing Strategy

We can help build a leasing strategy that provides flexibility, along with opportunities to create value. We’ll guide you through the research and decision-making processes to help maximize your returns.

telecom lease negotiation

Cell Tower Lease Negotiation

The value of a lease can change over time, so our experts make sure you have the right leasing strategy in place. We’ll help you negotiate cellular site leases to ensure maximum value now and in the future.  Cell site rent can represent a significant expense to a tower company, which can often lead to lease renegotiations. Wireless Equity Group offers lease negotiation services to property owners in order to maximize equity and monthly cash flow.

Why Wireless Equity Group

  • We provide consulting services to the world’s most successful wireless companies. Our expertise includes more than 20 years of successful partnerships.
  • We offer a wide range of services and solutions guiding you through every step of lease negotiation; taking into account all aspects of your location and market.
  • Results are the main focus. We build trust and reputation through the results we achieved and share with our clients.

Results You Can Expect

Clear View

Our analytics will provide an accurate and clear view of your locations demand.

Improved Management

We’ll provide approaches and tools to manage your site and inspire it to achieve strategic results

Smart Decisions

We’ll provide you ideas that lead to more stable growth and profits.

Development Roadmap

We’ll form a roadmap making sure your leasing strategy is flexible but steadily leading towards your goals