Site Valuation

We’ve analyzed over 23,000 communications leases. See how much your site lease is worth!

Enter your current monthly rent and lease details to see the estimated value of your communications site.

After you complete your request, our valuation team will analyze your site to determine

  1. The estimated market rent for your tower or antenna location
  2. The equity valuation of your wireless site when converting your lease to an easement
  3. The estimated value of selling your real estate with a communications lease

Your assigned Site Advisor will receive the valuation and provide guidance on how to obtain the highest price possible for your site based on feedback from our nationwide tower investor network.

The valuation of a telecommunications site depends on the rent being received under the existing lease, the wireless carriers on the property, the terms of the lease, the cell tower or rooftop antenna location, the duration of the period for which a tower investor has the right to collect cell site rent on the property, and a number of other variables that make up our risk assessment.

Once your lease has been verified, a letter of intent (LOI) with offer terms will be sent to you for review and signature. When you’re ready to move forward, your LOI will be electronically signed and escrow will be opened.

During escrow, your Site Advisor will work with you to obtain any documents needed to complete the transfer. This may include proof of rent, carrier or lender information, etc.

Once the transfer documents are complete, funds will be wired to escrow and the documents will be recorded by our title company. After escrow has closed, funds will be wired to your account within 24-48 hours.

If there is no mortgage on the property, we can complete an easement conversion and have funds to you within 14 days after all due diligence items are received.

If there is a mortgage on the property, lease restrictions or we are also purchasing the real estate in its entirety, the escrow process will likely be between 30-90 days.