Cell Tower Lease Valuations

Our telecom and real estate experts determine a market valuation based on data from multiple tower infrastructure investors. We can then identify key ways to improve value and leverage the equity in your wireless site.

Market Valuations cell phone towers

Wireless cell sites are unique and require an expert to provide a proper Market Valuation.

Our telecom team will analyze your existing or future wireless cell sites and assist with preparing both an estimated rental rate and telecommunication easement valuation for your site.

Our real estate team will also help prepare a market valuation report on your property and provide guidance on selling your property with a wireless telecommunication lease.

Telecom Easement Valuation

Our telecom investment team will analyze the potential of converting your current lease agreements to a utility easement. Our investment advisors will send your property out to our network of tower company owners and provide you with a draft Letter of Intent to purchase your easement with a guaranteed offer valuation.

Telecom Easement Valuation
Telecom Real Estate Valuation

Telecom Real Estate Valuation

Let our licensed telecom real estate experts provide you with a CMA and marketing strategy to obtain the highest net return on your real estate portfolio. Our licensed Brokerage partners will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis of your real estate holdings.

Cell Tower Lease Rates

Our telecommunications management team will analyze your existing or future wireless cell sites and will assist with preparing an estimated rent rate based on data from multiple nearby tower locations. This data can be used to help with lease negotiations with your wireless carrier tenants.

Cell Tower Lease Rates

Why Wireless Equity Group

  • We have a proven understanding of building the right pricing strategy.
  • We provide analytic tools and approaches allowing us to identify value add opportunities
  • We offer combined solutions including marketing, leasing strategy, performance increase, and site improvements.

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