Wireless Site Management

Our Telecom Management services create value for wireless site owners by providing full-service property and site management solutions.

telecom site management

Full-Service Real Estate & Site Management

Our management services are designed to provide maximum value at every opportunity. We provide telecom site owners with an extensive analysis of both their real estate and telecom holdings; which includes the review of lease amendments/renewals and or new tenant leases. Our management objective is to provide property owners with peace of mind, so they can focus on their business and life’s greater priorities.

Land Management

We empower landowners with our broad industry knowledge, by offering full-service land management solutions to properties with an existing or future communications lease. Remove the headaches and uncertainty, with a partner who can navigate complex lease terms and identify new opportunities.

telecom land management
telecom lease negotiation

Communications Lease Negotiation

Property owners leasing land to a cell tower company often find themselves at a disadvantage when negotiating lease terms with tower company tenants. The cell site rent can represent a significant expense to a tower company, which can often lead to lease renegotiations. Wireless Equity Group offers lease negotiation services to property owners in order to maximize equity and monthly cash flow.

Telecom Building Management

Our management team has represented hundreds of building owners with their real estate interests. Our telecom site management team has built industry relationships, and gained knowledge and experience to assist with even the most complex real estate and telecommunications management situations.

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