Wireless Real Estate Acquisitions

We invest in communications infrastructure and income-producing wireless real estate assets. We acquire utility easements, master leases, and real property in all categories, as long as there is an active lease on the property from a wireless carrier or tower company.


Wireless Equity Group invests in the real estate and wireless infrastructure industries by purchasing utility easements, leases and real property. Our acquisition criteria is focused on properties with the following attributes:

  • Lease Types: Telecommunication leases from tier-1 tenants (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, DISH, etc.) including: cell towers, rooftop antennas, small cell antennas and data centers.

Utility Easement:

  • We can record an easement and have funds paid within 14 days after all due diligence items are provided.
  • The landlord remains the owner of the property and all protections they currently enjoy under their existing lease agreement remain in effect.
  • Our easement agreements are simplified, with no additional restrictions to the property.
  • Location: Anywhere in the United States, Australia, Portugal, New Zealand and Other select international markets

Real Property with a Telecom Lease:

  • When ready to sell real property with a telecommunications lease, we can either make an offer on the entire property OR we will partner with a local buyer and close escrow on the easement concurrently with the fee simple Buyer.
  • Property Type: Land, Commercial, and Residential Income-Producing or Value-Add Properties
  • Location: Properties in significant markets or strategic locations including but not limited to: California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Florida, and Texas.


We offer both lump-sum and structured payment options to assist property owners with any potential tax liabilities.

  • Full Payment at Close: We will make a full cash payment at the close of escrow. The funds can be 1031 exchanged when selling through a fee simple or perpetual easement.
  • Structured Payments: We will make structured payments over a 5-10 year term. The seller can choose a higher payment at close and spread out their payments over time to lessen tax obligations.

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