Wireless Real Estate Exchange

We work with property owners to maximize their net profit when selling or exchanging real estate with a cell tower or telecommunications lease. We can help you sell your tower lease or real estate portfolio with the highest possible return.

Mobile phone telecommunication radio antenna tower

Selling Real Estate with a Tower

If you’ve decided the only way you will sell your tower lease is by also selling your real estate interests, Wireless Equity Group provides two options to complete the sale.

  1. We will make an offer to purchase the real estate and tower lease in its entirety, or
  2. We will provide prospective buyers of the real estate interest with a guaranteed letter of intent to purchase the tower income stream. We can then work with a buyer to close concurrently on the sale or acquire the telecom interests from the buyer or seller directly.

Wireless Lease Buyout

A lease buyout often provides the highest return to a property owner seeking to sell real estate with a cell site lease attached. Tower companies will typically pay much more than a traditional buyer and the process can be completed in as little as 30 days.

We can provide site owners with a guaranteed offer on their wireless lease within 72 hours. Upon signing a Letter of Intent with WEG, our goal is to close the transaction efficiently and in your desired time frame.

Transmission tower
communications tower Antenna tower against sunburst

Telecom Market Valuation

We believe that the first and most important step in determining whether to sell real estate with a cell site lease or retain ownership of the site is to determine a separate value for each asset. Through this initial discovery, we can determine together if it makes sense to create an easement and retain rights to the cell site or sell the property together with the lease attached.