What happens once I sell my tower lease?


Generally, very little changes once you’ve sold your cell tower lease. However, that depends on what Cell Tower Company you end up selling to.

sell my tower lease

If you’ve decided that it’s time to sell my tower lease, you may be looking for offers from some of the top cell tower companies. However, some of the largest telecommunications companies can also offer the strictest and lowest terms compared to mid-size tower investors. When reviewing your letter or intent, cell tower lease or easement agreement, make sure to ask about contract language which includes items like a right of first refusal (ROFR). Inclusion of this encumbrance can restrict who you sell to and can also delay the process or cause issues if you intend to transfer title to anyone else during the term of the lease.

The process to Sell my Tower Lease

The typical escrow process will be roughly 30-90 days to close on a cell tower lease buyout. The timeframe will differ drastically based on how long it takes to:

  • Gather the necessary documentation
    • Lease Agreements
    • Proof of Rent Collected
    • Preliminary Title Report
    • Legal entity docs (if the owner is not an individual)
  • Get approval from any lenders (if the current property has a loan/lien)
  • Get a response from the wireless carriers on any Right of First Refusal or the ROFR period that has passed.
  • Review and approval of easement agreement

Cell Tower Lease Buyout Calculator

Current estimated pricing for a cell tower lease buyout can vary depending on several factors. You can see the current estimated pricing under our easement conversion page. If you’re considering “should I sell my cell tower lease” and are looking for a tower investor with limited encumbrances/terms who will also pay the highest cell tower lease valuation in the telecom industry, contact the Wireless Equity Group Acquisitions team by calling 858-295-3040 or requesting a free site valuation.

Once the deal has closed

After the transaction has closed and the property owner has received escrow funds, the wireless carrier(s) will be notified of the change in landlord. From that day forward, until the end of the lease buyout period, Wireless Equity Group or Tower Investor will work with the tenant(s) regarding financial management of the cell tower easement.

The new landlord will also coordinate with the property owner if a site visit is planned, or if additional wireless carriers show interest in the site and also want to use your property for a cell site. Depending on the terms of your agreement, if a new carrier shows interest in adding an antenna to your location or expanding the easement footprint, the new rents are often then shared with the property owner. The property owner can then again decide to sell their rights through another cell tower lease buyout should they choose.

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