“Completely transparent with valuable and unbiased information”

R. Steven Wells, Church Administrator
Westland Baptist Church
Testimonial Easement Sale Cell Tower | Wireless Equity Group

Westland Baptist Church in Katy, TX recently completed an agreement to transfer our cell tower surface lease to a 3rd party. This significant financial opportunity was brought to us by Bob Handleman of Wireless Equity Group.

The transaction process included negotiating both a detailed letter of intent and a comprehensive easement agreement.

Throughout the process, Bob provided Westland with valuable and unbiased information on the process, including potential pitfalls. Bob was always accessible and patiently explained numerous aspects of both complicated legal documents. He also didn’t seem to mind that we required quite a few changes and iterations to the documents. These changes slowed down the progress of the agreement, but were critical to Westland’s comfort with the transaction.

The end result of the transaction was exactly as it was initially proposed to Westland. We felt that Bob’s efforts were completely transparent and that he worked for the benefit of both parties. We happily recommend Bob Handleman to other churches or businesses facing a similar transaction.

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Team Members Involved
Patrick Hale
CEO + Principal
Erik Ulkutekin
Bob Handleman
Sr. Director of Acquisitions

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