If I sell my cell site lease, will I still own the property?


If you’re ready to sell your cell site lease you may not want to also sell the real estate. Selling property with cell tower leases can be done either to include the real estate in a fee simple transaction or by creating an easement to exclude the sale of the underlying property.

How can I sell my sell my cell site lease

sell my cell site lease

In a cell tower lease buyout, the investor acquires only the rent and other easement rights associated with the collection of rent related to the cell site lease.

The real estate can be sold separately or not at all. The rights to collect rent also have an expiration date. So, after the lease buyout period has come to an end, the right to receive the cell site rent will revert back to the property owner.

Once the rights are reverted back to the property owner they can then be sold again through another cell site lease buyout.

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