Telecom Consulting Services

Wireless Equity Group provides property owners, municipalities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations complimentary Telecom Consultations; to determine the highest and best use of their wireless real estate assets.

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Property Owner Consultations

With over $1 Billion and 20 years of experiance, our team provides results-driven solutions to property owners of all types and sizes. If you are a property owner who is receiving rent for a cell tower or rooftop antenna on your property(ies) or are in the process of negotiating a cell tower lease, schedule an initial free property owner consultation with our experienced team.

Market Valuations

Telecom Market Valuations Our telecom and real estate experts determine a market valuation based on data from multiple tower infrastructure…

Leasing Strategy

Leasing Strategy We can help build a leasing strategy that provides flexibility, along with opportunities to create value. We’ll guide…

We work with cell site owners to find answers to the following questions:

  • What are your near and long-term plans for the underlying property?
  • What would a comprehensive audit of your lease reveal in terms of potential risks and/or opportunities?
  • What is happening in the Telecommunications world that could impact your cell site?
Telecom Consulting
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Government Telecom Consulting

Wireless Equity Group works with public entities across the country to provide much-needed immediate capital while creating efficiency through our Cell Site Management service. By converting cellular leases into a lump-sum payment or a multi-year structured payout, public entities are able to address budget-funding gaps; fund capital improvements; strengthen their programs, and transfer the risk of cell site decommissioning and loss of rents.

Consulting to Nonprofits & Faith-based Organizations

We work with Nonprofit and faith-based organizations with telecom leases on their property, so they can focus on their mission in the community. We can help increase their ability to provide more charitable projects and missions; fund capital improvements; fill spending gaps, and remove the hassles associated with managing cell site leases.

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Disclosure: Wireless Equity Group is not a consultant or service provider. Representation of owners is provided by 3rd party vendors.