Wireless Real Estate Referral Network

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Whether your referral wants to sell their entire property or just the rights to their telecommunications lease, Wireless Equity Group (WEG) will work to obtain the best possible solution for all parties.

We purchase both utility easements AND real property; allowing owners the ability to exit quickly above market rate OR retain their property and 1031 exchange their telecom lease into a more secure and higher performing asset.

Referral Partners earn up to 3% commission + $5,000
for the referral of a Telecommunications acquisition!

Investment Criteria:

Wireless Equity Group invests in the real estate and telecommunications industries by purchasing utility easements and real property across the United States. Our Real Estate Investment Criteria must include an active lease with one of the following:

  • Cellular Tower
  • Rooftop Cellular Antenna
  • Data Center
  • Billboard
  • Solar Farm
  • Wind Farm

Telecommunications/Utility Easement:

  • We can record an easement and have funds to your Referral within 14 days after all due diligence items are provided.
  • Your Referral would remain the owner of the property and all the protections they currently enjoy under their existing
    lease agreement remain in effect.
  • Our easement agreements are simplified, with no additional restrictions to the property.

Real Property with a Telecom Lease:

  • When your Referral is ready to sell their entire property, we will make an offer on the entire property OR close escrow on the easement concurrently with any Buyer interested in the real property.